How Robot Unicorn Attack 2 taught me about failure

Around one week ago, I downloaded  Robot Unicorn Attack 2 from the Google Play Store. The game’s premise is enticing enough, and it’s certainly a great distraction on busy public transport: I jump onto platforms, collect little blue drops to spend, and dash through stars.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

On this game, there are three different sets of platforms: the top level, near the clouds, the mid-level, and the bottom level. After playing the game for a few minutes (I lied, I played for a few hours over several days), I noticed something.

Each path I took was straight through the middle.

At first, I was trying to just get a grasp of the game. As I kept playing, however, it became comfortable and easy to go through the middle platforms because I knew it – it was familiar. When I dropped down to the bottom platforms, I tried desperately to get my unicorn back to the middle. Back to where I was comfortable, and everything was familiar.

Although a seemingly insignificant event, this got me thinking about how we apply this in everyday life. We stick to the same exercises, walk the same way to work, go to the same coffee shop in the morning, and spend our weekends doing the laundry and out at brunch with friends.

We stay in our comfort zone because it’s easier, and because we are creatures of habit. To challenge yourself constantly means accepting the possibility of falling down, or even failure – but it also means exploring new things and experiencing the unknown.

Once I reached the bottom platform, I found it difficult and daunting – but I also discovered it was a better route which helped me get a better score…

…and this helped me realize how much potential there is in the unknown, and that it should be embraced and explored rather than dismissed.

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

How much are you missing out on because you’re afraid of falling down? What experiences are you missing out on in life, and what opportunities have passed you by? 

Even when you fall down or you fail, it doesn’t mean your efforts were fruitless. You stand up with more knowledge, and more information that helps shape the way that you see and deal with things in life.

Failing or falling doesn’t mean you end up with nothing – you end up with a better understanding of yourself, situations, and the world.

Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith via a robot unicorn to remind you. And for the record, I take a different route now. Every time.

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