“Do You Create Anything Or Just Criticize Others?”

Do you create anything or just criticize others?

Thought Catalog

A few years ago, Steve Jobs got into a disagreement  with a Gawker blogger, Ryan Tate, who criticized an Apple ad that claimed the iPad was “a revolution.” Mr. Tate argued that the term “revolution” was synonymous with freedom and on that basis, disagreed that the iPad was revolutionary. After an email exchange between the two, Jobs ended the conversation with the words, “Do you create anything or just criticize others and belittle their motivations?” Whatever you think about Apple, Steve Jobs, and this particular incident, that was the perfect question to pose to a critic.

If you’ve ever tried to create anything or tried to be better at something, or if you’ve tried to do something new or different, you’ll know that it comes with critics. Yes, you will hopefully have people who will champion you and your goals but inevitably you will also come across people who will…

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